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Smart Services for Better Development

It is a company initiated and Cofounded by the young, entrepreneur minded and personally motivated expert, Sadam Endris Yimer with his friends who have like-minded to him. Started in a few members Smart4Ethopia will be invite interested and capable People who can deserve to give best technology Solutions in the team.

Smart Training institute

Smart Training Institute

Our team members are coming from different disciplines so as to help need based and skill gap filling trainings for the youth. Based on demands, Smart 4Ethiopia is open to work in cooperation with other institutions and individuals.

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Smart Consultancy

Business and Technology, Trade and Related Issues, Business plan and feasibility Study, Project Management are our main area of Consultancy Services.

Smart4ethiopia technologies

Smart Technologies

Highly motivated to be technology Solution dependent to serve our clients. Scanning their priority needs. We strive to update our services to fit the dynamic world. Our Technological Services

smart properties

Smart Properties

Smart properties , your number one choice for comprehensive property solutions. As a leading property company, we specialize in facilitating seamless transactions for buying, selling, and renting residential and commercial properties.

Smart Events

Smart Event Organization

Competition, Award, Music, Film, Theater ,Arts, Fashion Shows and Beauty contents, Sports, Events & Trade Tourism Culture and Investment, Bazaar and special Events

Smart commission works

Smart Commission Works

Our Company offers unique and attractive Commission based on performance and Pre negotiations which will be supported by law enforced agreements.

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